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Other Charges

Other charges to be levied upon request are as follows:-

Security / Fire / Ambulance Services Charges

Type of Services Per person per hour or part thereof
Security / Fire Personnel Services Charges  
Fire officer / security officer 25.00
Fireman / constable 15.00
The above rates are for deployment of the fire and security personnel on standby or in service of extinguishing fire and preserving life and property in case of fire.

Type of Services Per person per hour or part thereof
Fire Services / Anti Pollution / Salvage / Rescue  
- Tugs (inside port limit) 4,000.00
- Tugs (outside port limit) 12,000.00
- Fire engine 1,000.00
The rates for the use of special materials, ancillary equipment as well as fire fightining, anti polluting, salvage or rescure are:- At cost plus 20% administration charges
Ambulance Services 30.00
The ambulance services charges is calculated from the time the ambulance leaves its base to the time it returns to its base.

General Labour Services

Type of services Per person per shift or part thereof
Charges for general labour services on all days including Sundays and holidays shall be as follows:-  
- Worker, carpenter and driver 80.00
- Clerk 100.00

Supply of Water

Rates for supply of fresh water shall be as follows:-

Supply of Water RM
Minimum charge to be imposed based on a minimum quantity of 50,000 litres of water 500.00
Volume of water in excess of 50,000 litres (per thousand litres of part thereof) 10.00
The supply of water charges includes the administration charges for supply of water from the port to the vessel

Passenger Charges

Per Passenger RM
- Adult 8.00
- Children 4.00
Passenger charge will be raised for all embarkation or disembarkation including passenger in transit

Use of Weighbridge

Unit Amount
Per container per weighing RM7.50

Hire of Telephone on Board of a Vessel

Hire of telephone placed on board of a vessel is as follows:-

  1. per telephone @ RM25.00 per shift or part thereof

  2. call fees shall be as per charges by Telecommunication Dept or such other companies providing the telecommunication services plus 20% for administrative cost.

General Charges

Service charge on privately operated wharves and anchorage it levied on all cargoes shipped or discharged including ship to ship transfer (STS) within the port.

Unit Amount
Per tonne or part thereof RM1.00
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